mercredi 6 février 2013

Co-producing and B2B crowdsourcing on LinkedIn

DIGITAL ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE : what value added for the enterprise ?

Digital might be defined as IT + IP (intellectual property)
A discussion triggered by latest comments of "EA Is ofter left in IT beacuse it cas only handle tame problems".

Discussion started by Tru Dô-Khac on Jan. 23. 2013
As of Feb. 6 2013 : 137 comments

" I loved the case exercise" (18 comments above).

I am pleased that you have enjoyed.

So far i had fun in interacting and learning (see the headlines of Open Savoir-Faire on LinkedIn, "proding and poking" to take back a phrase that has come about earlier, but co-building is another dimension.

The game is not over.

For the value chain and a value system of an e-publishing, i invited yesterday Kevin, who is active at next door discussion
to share his thinking.

Maybe he would take his own experience with PEAF, which is a real case that most members of this group have been contemplating for some years.

As for me since November 3, 2010 with this discussion "Ontology, a fresh look at Enterprise Architecture"
Inidrect access through my site "Open Savoir Faire"

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