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IBM Advantage for SOA Governance Standards, IBM developerworks, 20 Aug 2009
  • John Falkl, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect, SOA Governance, IBM   
  • Robert Laird, Executive Architect, IBM  
  • Tony Carrato (, Executive IT Architect, SOA Advanced Technology, IBM 
  • Heather Kreger (, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Software Group 

Comments, May 17, 2010
"SOA governance regimen" or SOA governance regime is definitely what the output (not the outcome) of a SOA governance project should be.
To manage a regime, life cycle management techniques might be opportune and i understand that it is what SGVM is about.

Now, should we examine the notion of regime from a broader perspective, we would realize that a governance regime (Fr: régime de gouvernance) is a notion deeply rooted in Frengh history and culture.

Regime is a notion deeply rooted in French History and culture

And as a matter of fact, an original IT governance approach based on IT governance regime has been initiated in France since 2005.

Their authors have recently transfered some knowledge assets to an "open creative" knowledge community called The Archilogy Institute : in a nutshell, this knowledge community is operating as an organism composed of "cells" growing independently and irrigated by "knowledge streams".

Since SOA governance regime is (like corporate telecom governance regime) a direct and immediate application of IT governance regime, how about IBM creating and nurturing a cell of The Archilogy Institute ?

Comments, May 18, 2010
Dear Tony,
thank you to have acknowledged my post.
Please note that though i am an Ecole Polytechnique ParisTech alumni, i do not have any mandate of any kind to represent the Ecole.

As for France, you might already know that there is an academic initiative from Ecole Centrale [CEISAR] ( and a private initiative called Sustainable IT Architecture ( (i do not have any mandate from these either nor i am affiliated to any of these).

The Archilogy Institute is an "open and creative" knowledge community :
  •  "open" because its members are not bound to a central legal entity through contractual agreements such as a subscription or a labor contract but form a community where members are bound together through one-to-many arrangements which allows “sharing, reusing and remixing- legally” intellectual outputs; 
  • "creative" because the one-to-many arrangements which bind members of the knowledge community together are based on Creative Commons contracts which have been crafted to foster creativity and innovation. 

In a nutshell, The Archilogy Institute as an animal born from opensource, wikipedia and IT cloud.

I'll be pleased to cooperate with The Opengroup or with IBM (i am an IBM alumni, 1984-89). How about liaising in private ( ?

Note April 14, 2012.
  • has been released.
  • The Archilogy Institute is available at 
  • SGVM : SOA Governance Vitality Method
  • The Ecole Polytechnique has created CESAMES, an institute addressing complex systems architecture and design.

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